Thermal Imaging 

thermal_imaging.jpgWith a broad range of facilities knowledge and understanding of the most complex systems available in the market, Building Technology Engineers (BTE) has seen first-hand what happens to customers’ productivity when equipment becomes outdated or unexpectedly breaks down.

Thermal imaging, just one of BTE’s many services, has become an invaluable tool for diagnostic and predictive maintenance in all types of commercial and industrial HVAC and mechanical applications.

This innovative technology allows for the appropriate maintenance to be carried out prior to a complete equipment breakdown, reducing equipment downtime and minimizing the negative impact on profits.

Reliability Centered. Infrared Powered.

BTE’s service strategies feature a reliability-centered maintenance approach that is customized to the needs of clients. Using infrared technology, our team rapidly identifies areas of concern so that an in-depth evaluation and corrective action can be taken to help fix degraded indoor environmental quality while preventing costly system downtime.

Big Savings. Huge Benefits.

A predictive approach using thermal imaging provides:

  • Increased equipment life
  • Overall operational savings
  • Identification and prioritization of equipment critical to facility performance
  • Elimination of equipment failures
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Scheduled vs. unscheduled downtime

Thermal Imaging Solutions:

Electrical Predictive Maintenance Inspections and Troubleshooting
Wiring and circuit breakers are checked for overloads, and we check control panels for broken wires and poor contacts.

HVAC Predictive Maintenance Inspections and Troubleshooting
Compressors, condenser motors, blower motors, bearings, heat exchangers, cooling coils, and ductwork are checked for blockages and airflow issues.

Building Envelope and Roof Inspections
We check for energy loss through walls, doors, windows, and roofs and effectively pinpoint missing or insufficient insulation.

Water Penetration Inspections
We can identify moisture penetration in walls and roofs.

Infestation Inspection and Identification
We check for infestation of rodents or insects.